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Sri Talupulamma Ammavari temple is located at Lova village in Tuni Mandal of East Godavari dist. It is located on a Hillock between Darakonda and Teegakonda. It quite unsafe for the pilgrims. It is also believed that the Goddess Sri Talupulamma Ammavaru frequents this hillock at night. Though the pilgrims rush is moderate here, one can find quite a rush on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Wedged between 2 heavily forested hillocks, stands the Talupulamma Ammavari Temple, Lova offering a breathtaking view of the valley below which is just a sample of the natural beauty of East Godavari, often claimed as "The God’s Own District".

Located not far from the famous Annavaram temple, is the abode of Talupulamma Ammavaru. It is a fascinating and irresistible destination for both lovers of nature and adventure as well as pilgrims.

Truck owners as well as car owners, particularly those who live in the Godavari and North Coastal Districts share a special bond with this Temple as they believe strongly that Goddess Talupulamma Ammavaru will protect them from accidents, dangers and will also help in earning profits. The devotees stay at the foot of the hillock Temple and perform pooja to their vehicle. Most of the people, who buy new vehicle, make sure to visit this temple and get their vehicles blessed by the Goddess.

Main Festivals being celebrated :

The main festivals of this Devasthanam is annual Jatara and Ashadha Masa Utsavams. The annual Jatara festival is being celebrated from every Chaitra Bahula Vidiya to Chaitra Bahula Amavasya at Lova Kothuru village. Ashadha Masa Utsavams are also being celebrated from Ashadha Sudha Padhyami to Ashadha Bahula Amavasya every year.

Agamas being followed :

Grama Devatha Agamam is being followed in this temple.

Temple Timings:

The Temple is open for pilgrims from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM. This temple is in a deep forest so the temple will be closed at 6.00 PM

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