Sri Kanaka Durgamma

Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous hindu Temple of Goddess Durga located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The temple is located on the Indrakeeladri hill, on the banks of Krishna River.One of the many mythologies associated with this place is that Arjuna prayed to Lord Shiva on top of Indrakeela hill to win His blessings and the city derived its name "Vijayawada" after this victory. It is said that the growing menace of demons became unbearable for the natives. Sage Indrakila practiced severe penance, and when the goddess appeared the sage pleaded Her to reside on his head and keep vigil on the wicked demons. As per his wishes of killing the demons, Goddess Durga made Indrakila Her permanent abode.

Sri Kanaka Durga is specially decorated as Balatripura Sundari, Gayathri, Annapoorna, Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi, Lalitha Tripura Sundari, Durga Devi, Mahishasura Mardini and Raja Rajeswari Devi on each day of the Navaratri festival. On Vijaya Dashami day, the deities are taken in a swan-shaped boat (Hamsa Vahanam) around the Krishna river, popularity known as “Theppotsavam"

Sri Malleswara Swamy

According to one legend, at the opening of kali Yuga, Madhava Varma was the ruler of the area. The kings son accidentally killed a poor woman’s child. When the mother pleased for justice at the court of the king, he ordered death sentence to his son. Satisfied with the kings justice, Lord shiva felicitated the ruler with gold and both the prince and the boy were gifted with life. It is believed that the great sage Agastya, worshipped the shivlingam as Jayasena, where as Arjuna worshipped him as malleswara at the malleswara swamy-Vijayawada.

Sri Nataraja Swamy

In Shiva’s form as Nataraj, they are the 5 acts of Shiva.  First Shiva’s upper left hand holds a flame representing destruction, dissolution or dissolving.  In the upper right hand, Shiva holds the drum known as damaru. the upper left and the upper right hand are on the same line so that creation and destruction are both equal to each other. The second right hand is in the form of a mudra called Abhayamudra– the non-harming mudra. The second left hand is crossing the heart and the hand is pointing down to the lifted foot. It reminds us that the heart has the power to remind us of Grace.

The lifted foot represents anugraha– the revelatory power of Grace. It is in the forefront which shows us that it is more primary and holds the greatest significance. The standing leg sits at the exact middle of the figure- it is stittihi– the middle- it represents preservation and it’s power holds down the demon of ignorance and forgetfulness, Aspamarapurusha. Shiva’s dreadlocks are wild and outstretched in the Nataraj.

Sri Valli Devasena sametha Subrahmanyeswara Swamy

Lord Kartikeja is a Hindu god, the son of shiva and Parvati, and is a much revered deity especially in south india. He is known by various names like Murugan, Shanmukha(Shanmuga), Shadanana, Guha, Senthil, Saravana, Kumaraswamy and Skanda. He is brave, Intelligent and perfection personified because of which he is worshipped as the god of war and victory. He is created to destroy demons, symbolizing negative tendencies of human beings.

Sri Vinayaka Swamy

Every year Ganesha comes in different forms and mesmerizes his devotees. We worship Ganesha before starting any work because we believe him to ‘VIGHNESHWARA’ who saves us from any ‘vighna’ or obstacles in our work and it is accomplished successfully. Every year people look forward for new idols of Ganesha. You can look at the craze for Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturdhi. The festival begins on Bhadrapada shukla Chaturdhi and ends on anant chaturdashi. The festival lasts for 10 days all over the country. The devotees call him by various names like Vighneswara, Gajanana, Ekadanta, mrityunjaya, Ganapathi, Lambodara, Vakratunda and many more.

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