Videsallo Hindu Devaalayaalu

Videsallo Hindu Devaalayaalu

Videsallo Hindu Devaalayaalu – Rastra Sahakaaram

With an estimated NRI population of more than 35 million people, mostly Hindus, the demand for more and more Hindu temples abroad is raising year after year. It is estimated that USA alone has over 500 Hindu temples from a very small arrangement in a room to a rented premises like a function Hall/ Godown converted into a temple to a constructedtemple structure. Cities like New Jersey or San Jose, or Dallas with large Hindu presence have atleast over 50 Hindu temples. So is the case in UK or Australia etc.

Many a time, a Group of people with devotion decide to raise a temple and they start executing their plan in raising funds on one side and developing temple plans like bringing Deities, Priests etc on other side. And they approach their own known persons and some times concerned Devastanams in India.

For the first time in India, Endowments Dept , Govt of AP proposes to develop a Scheme Videsallo Hindu Devaalayaalu – Rastra Sahakaaram by which it will give the necessary guidance to the Promoters/ Management from the initial stages and also to the existing Temples for maintenance


Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple, Milpitas, CA is a very popular temple with its Religious SEVAs in Baya area.At present it is in a rented place and is in the process of constructing and moving into its own Temple(curtesy:Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Devasthanam– Milpitas,CA)


Sri Venkateswara Temple,Bridgewater is a very popular temple in New Jersey offering all SEVAs.People from all over USA visit this SV temple. Temple conducts regular SEVAs and offers Special Pujas on festival days.(curtesy: Sri Venkateswara Temple, Bridgewater,NJ)

  1. Providing technical guidance for starting a temple by giving authentic information on size of Moola virat ( Main deity),Utsa Vigahas and where to procure and how to procure etc
  2. Providing authentic information and Vaidik procedures to be followed for various Rituals and Pujas
  3. Providing authentic Priests who knows vedams,Sastrams,and rituals etc on temporary basis or for giving training to the priests already recruited
  4. Providing a formal relation with Devastanams in AP to the relevant temples
  5. Providing Devastanams Visits to foreign countries so that they visit the temples and perform Rituals in authentic manner
  6. Providing Assistance or guidance to Temples outside India in procuring Idols, Puja saamaagris, Abharanms etc from AP State
  7. Providing Special Darshans in major Devastanam temples in AP to the NRI Devotees visiting AP State

Individuals or Office bearers or Trustees may approach Commissioner- Endowments for more details

For Receiving authentic information On Temple construction to bringing Idols to Maintaining the temples