Common Good Fund

The Common Good Fund is created under Section 70(1)(a) of Endt Act from the contributions made by the Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions whose annual income exceeds Rs. 50,000. They contribute at the rate of 5% of the assessable income of the institutions. The funds are utilized for (1) Renovation, Preservation, Maintenance of Hindu temples in needy circumstances, (2) Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam to needy temples, (3) Establishment and maintenance of Veda Pathasalas, Agama Pathasalas and Schools for training, in Archakatwam, Adhyapapaktwam etc.,

The Common Good Fund Committee has evolved certain guidelines for granting funds to the needy temples as under:

  • Preference will be given to renovation, preservation and maintenance of old temples in rural areas with little resources. Temples with heritage / historic value to get top priority.
  • Temples whose gross annual income exceeds Rs.5.00 lakhs are not eligible for CGF grant.
  • Temples within Municipal Limits are not entitled for C.G.F. grant.
  • Renovation to be carried out by a valid Trust Board or Executive Officer or a Renovation Committee constituted for the purpose.
  • No temple is entitled for C.G.F. grant for a second time within a period of 5 years.
  • The scheme for construction of Hindu temples in Weaker Section Housing Colonies was introduced in 1980. The local public in the weaker section locality have to make a token contribution of 5% of the estimated cost. The Endowments Department provides the balance amount and Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam provides necessary idols free of cost (Lord Rama, Krishna, Siva, Venkateswara etc.,) as required by the local public for their worship. This unit cost of such small temples has been enhanced from time to time and now stands at Rs.1.00 Lakh.
  • Grant in Aid from Common Good Fund is provided only when the Temple / Local Public make a matching Contribution of 20% of estimated amount in backward areas of Rayalaseema and north coastal Andhra and 30% of the estimated amount in respect of other regions.
  • Recently the Department has started making releases under CGF for various works by using the online banking system to bring greater transparency in the payment system.