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Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamyvari Temple is situated at Vykuntapuram, Tenali, Guntur district. Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamyvari Temple, Vykuntapuram, Tenali occupies a predominant position as a most popular Vaishnavaite Temples in Guntur District. Thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred shrine not only from Guntur District but also from far off districts of Andhra Pradesh state. The founder of this temple is Sri Tulluru Bala Narasimha rao Gowda, S/O. Subba Rayudu, a resident of Tenali Town.

The temple has been granted with an extent of half Acre of Wet land. It is entirely depending upon the offerings received from the devotees. The temple is growing its strength gradually and already many attractive constructions are going on, to provide required amenities for the benefit of the pilgrims. This is a temple which is developing speedily and has bright prospects to grow & flourish.

Temple Timings:

The Temple is open for pilgrims from 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM. On Saturday’s, it’s open from 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM.


                   Festivals                                             Auspicious Days

1. Ugadi                                                   :      Chaitra Sudha Padyami

2. Sri Rama Navami                                   :      Chaitra Sudha Navami

3. Sri Vari Bramhostavamulu                       :      Vaisaka Sudha Vidiya to Vaishaka Sudha Navami

4. Tholi Ekadasi                                          :      Ashada Sudha Ekadasi

5. Dasara                                                   :      Aswija Padyami to Dasami

6. Vykunta Ekadasi (Uthara Dwara Darsanam)  : Pusya Sudha Ekadasi                                     :      

7. Thepposthavam                                          : Makara Sankranthi

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