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Srikalahasthi Temple

Sri kalahastheswara temple is located 40km away from sullurpet. Sri Kalahastheeswara Swami temple is one of the most ancient and historical Saiva khsetram in India. Vayu is incarnated as lord Shiva and worshipped as Kalahastheeswara.

Goddess Parvathi Devi is worshiped here as Gnaparasunambika. The temple is located at Sri Kalahasti, Chittoor district Andhra Pradesh. According to the vastu shastra, west facing Kalahastheeswara temple is built adjoining a hill, and in the banks of the river Swarnamukhi. At some points, the hill serves as the wall to the temple. The temple prakarams follow the counter of the adjoining hill and hence the temple plan is rather irregular. To the north of the temple is the Durgambika hill, south is the Kannappar hill and east is the Kumaraswamy hill.

Rahu-Ketu pooja is very much famous in Sri Kalahasti. Rahu Ketu pooja will be performed during Rahu Kalam timings. Devotees should plan accordingly, so that they will be available during rahu kalam time at the temple. Sri Kalahasti temple is always crowded with devotees coming from different parts of the country.



Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR

This is located 25KM away from Sullurupet.  Satish  Dhawan  Space  Centre  (SDSC)  SHAR,  Sriharikota, the  Spaceport  of  India,  is  responsible  for providing  Launch  Base  Infrastructure  for the  Indian  Space Programme. This  Centre has  the  facilities for  solid propellant  processing,  static  testing  of  solid  motors,  launch  vehicle  integration  and  launch operations, range operations comprising telemetry, tracking and command network and mission control centre.

The Centre has two launch pads from where the rocket launching operations of PSLV and GSLV are carried out. The mandate for the centre is (i) to produce solid propellant boosters for the launch vehicle programmes of ISRO (ii) to provide the infrastructure for qualifying various subsystems and solid rocket motors and carrying out the necessary tests (iii) to provide launch base infrastructure for satellites and launch vehicles.

SDSC SHAR has a separate launch pad for launching sounding rockets. The centre also provides the necessary  launch base  infrastructure for sounding rockets of  ISRO and  for assembly, integration and launch of sounding rockets and payloads.

SDSC-SHAR Recruitment Website

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat lake is 10 Kms away from the Sullurpeta town. Pulicat lake is the second biggest Salt Lake in the world. In 1976, Government of india recognized and established bird Sanctuary at Pilicat Lake and Nelapattu. Many Foreign origin birds spend their time here for reproduction. State Government of Andhra Pradesh had it on their list and celebrated Flamingo festival every year.From October to March is the best time to visit pulicat lake.Birds from Australia, Nigeria, Siberia, Pakistan and from Europe reaches here for their reproduction.150 to 160 varieties of birds visit pulicat lake in a year.


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