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Agamam:Saktheya Agamam


Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple is located on the bank of river Kalangi. The temple is situated to the southern tip of Sullurpeta, which is well connected with major cities like Chennai, Tirupati, Nellore. The Tree in the temple premises is 400 years old and is considered as a boon giver to all devotees.

Around 10th century, at Nellore district beside Kalangi river, few cowherders while swimming noticed a Goddess idol facing towards south. Immediately they rushed to the village and informed others. The villagers then reached the place to collect the idol. To their surprise all their efforts in moving the idol went invain. Next day only after performing poojas, they were able to lift the Idol. The Idol was then carried to the current place and installed.

The goddess, during earlier days was called as Tenkali (Dakshina Kali), later the name Tenkali was replaced by Chengali and currently she is worshipped as Chengalamma. Slowly a village formed around the temple and was named as Chengali Peta. During the British ruling, they changed the name to Sullurpeta. However, another version of the name Sullurpeta says, In Olden days during the time of brahmotsavam, which happens once in 7yrs, “Sudimanu” will visit around the temple, hence this place is called as Sullurpeta.






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