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Goddess Chengalamma Parameswari manifested herself in the village of Sullurpeta, on the Kolkata-Chennai highway and the temple for her was built on the bank of the Kanlangi river. History tells us that it was established during the fourth and fifth centuries. People also refer to her as the village goddess “Tenkali”. With the passage of time, she is being worshiped by devotees as Chengalamma. Devotees turn up in large number to witness “Chengalamma Jatara” (fair).

The Village goddess who was called Tankali gained reputation as Sullurpeta Chengalamma Thalli and her idol in the temple faces the sea. Devotees from different parts of the State visit the place and fulfil their vows, referring the goddess as the mother who grants boons liberally. The naturally-formed image of the goddess adorning the hanging roots (vooda) of the banyan tree is really an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Legend goes that chengalamma idol was found in the nearby river by few boys who were swimming and they brought it to the current location. Periodically celebrations called tirunallu are celebrated. During this time, thousands of people from surrounding villages take part. During these 'tirunallu’ days, a goat will be tied to one end of the pole and will be circled in the air in front of the temple. This process is called "sullu", hence the name Sullurpeta. In addition to the 'sullu' during tiranallu, there is also 'teppotsavam' where the idol of Sri Chengalamma will be carried on a "teppa", a boat, in the Kalangi river, which flows near the temple. Tirunallu celebration also involves Mahishasura mardini and fireworks.

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