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Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple is a powerful Sakthi temple, where the legends and history overlaps to form an inspiring tale. According to legends, here the Lord Sakthi not only took the physical form, but also protected her devotee's against the onslaught of violent foreign invasion. This temple attracts more than 20,000 devotees every day, making it one of the most promising temples of south India.

As the name indicates this is a Devi temple. According to Purana, the Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Devi is a sister of Sri Venketeswara Swamy. This makes Sri Gangamma one of the most significant Goddess connected with Tirupati, perhaps only next to the Lord's consort Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru.

It’s believed that Sri Gangamma Devi is known to care and protect her devotee's. She readily addresses the problem of her devotee's and ensures that they are swiftly resolved. This temple was constructed in the memory of the goddess facing and defeating the invading Navab's army.

There is a miraculously huge well at the top of the hill, where the geographically underwater resource is scarce. This water resource has been known for centuries as a cure to many diseases. Some Ayurvedic practitioners have even used this water as a medicinal property with great success. According to local farmers, sprinkling this water before the seeding process will yield a rich crop.


Temple Poojas performed as Saktheya Agamam


Temple Timings:

  • The Temple is open for pilgrims from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (No Break Darshanam).


Boyakonda Gangamma Temple History Video



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