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According to the Purana, the Sri Gangamma Temple is dedicated to the sister of the Lord Sri Venketeswara Swamy. At present Sri Gangamma Devi is considered the protector of her devotee's and eliminating the defectors. A few centuries ago two tribal known as Boyas and Yelikas used to live in the forest surrounding the hill.

Boyas tribals could not withstand the onslaught of the Muslim army and field into the forest and prostrated near the hillock and prayed Almighty to save them. The spirit of the Goddess ‘Shakti’ descended from the hillock and shielded tribals and crushed the Nawab’s army. Local people say that the ‘Shakti’ has tied the heads of soldiers to banyan tree branches. Goddess Gangamma is the incarnation of ‘Shakti’. Locals believe that if the flower falls on the right side it is positive and negative if it falls on the left. Many devotees who prayed the Goddess were blessed with kids.

The Gangamma Devi was considered as her chief deity, where they prayed for good life and crops. But the peaceful time was broken by the Navab invasion from the North. The two tribes united to repel back the attackers. Now the king of Navabs feared a massive revolt, pulled out his main army to crush the Boyas and Yelikas. Needless to say, the tribal solidarity was not enough the massive trained and groomed army of Navabs. Both the tribes withdrew into the Sri Gangamma Temple, praying for the support and leadership of Devi.

It’s believed that Goddess Sakthi took a physical form, to crush the invading Nawab soldiers. According to legends, the anger of Devi was sated only after separating the heads of the Navab soldiers who tried to harm her Bhakta’s.


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