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In India, there is a saying that “where women are respected, the Gods feel happy and make their Abodes there”. In the 17th century, Sri Raja Vasireddy Jagga Bhoopala was ruling Krishna region, with “Amaravathi” Town as his Capital. In his kingdom, was borne Sri Tirupatamma, in the family of “Kolla” as a gift of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamyvaru of Tirumala in ‘Anigandlapadu’ village. From her childhood, she is “Eka santhagrahi” and learned Puranas, Vedas, Ramanayana and Mahabharata and other epics. She used to give sermons about them to the neighbours, Villegers. She married Gopayya of “Kakani” family, Penuganchiprolu Village and brought glory to both families, and the entire region, by her undeterred devotion to Lord Sri Venkateswara, Karma, Gnana, Vyragya Yogam etc,.

Sri Tirupatamma was not only a great devotee but also a good housewife, sharing sorrows and joys with her husband. Almost all the neighbouring Villagers of the region used to respect her and believed that she is an incarnation of Lord Venkateswara. The region flourished with wealth and good crops, as long as she is happy at her in – laws house. The people’s respect to her became an eyesore to her mother- in–law and sister-in-law. From them she faced severe ill treatment and misery at her husband’s house. But she never revealed her grief to her husband Sri Gopayya and tolerated with utmost patience as a strong believer of Karma Yoga. From the time of ill treatment to her, the region became drought pruned and famine occurred.

Even though there is no dire food problem to human beings, the cow herds have starved like anything as there are no grazing pastures. Due to famine, Gopayya went to Uttara Aranyam region (Bhadrachalam area) along with their cow herd for grazing the cows. In the mean time, Sri Tirupatamma met with leprosy disease and her in-laws throw away her to cow shed and abandoned her from entering into house. Even though her parents are rich and flourishing and inspite of their request, she never went to her parent’s house as she has no permission from her husband to go to her parent’s house. During that period, one of the disciples, “Papamma” served Tirupatamma with love and affection. Papamma used to serve till the remaining Tirupatamma’s lifetime.

In Uttara Aranyanyam, Gopayya used to graze the cows and used to preach epics Ramayana and Mahabharata to the fellow cowboys and had darshan of Bhadradri Sri Vykunta Rama and very much impressed by the beauty of uttara Aranyam. He thought that after going back to Penuganchiprolu, he should come back again to that area along with Tirupatamma and have darshan of Bhadradri Rama.But while grazing the cows itself, a tiger attacked on him and he was dead while fighting with tiger. Knowing it by divyadrushti, Tirupatamma decided to enter Yogagni along with her husband’s remains. She showed her celestial powers to village Headman and Karanam Sri Komarraju Srisailapati and Sri Karla Mutyala Naidu, who finally gave permission for Yogagni Pravesham. She gave her last sermon from the Yogagni Pyre and preached all the villagers about Bhakti, Karma, Gnana, Vyragya and Moksha marga and preached that women shall be treated piously always for the prosperity of the region.

Tirupatamma told that after Yogagni Pravesham, she will appear as idols in the Yogagni place itself along with Bhandaru (Turmeric heap). She blessed that her disciples can see the Gopayya in Magha Pournami setting sun and her in Magha Pournami raising moon and ordered the village head man Sri Srisailapathi to construct a temple at Yogagni place. She blessed the ‘Papamma’ that her heirs will become archakas in her temple. Finally, with her husband’s remains, she immolated herself in pyre by Yogagni, (Like goddess Sathi Devi) On the next day, the idols of Sri Tirupatamma and Gopayya were found at the Yogagni pyre place and ‘Papamma’ had identified them first and the village head man Sri Srisailapathi had constructed the temple at the Yogagni Pyre place.

On the third day of Yogagni of Tirupatamma, the tiger, which killed Gopayya at Uttara Aranyam, came to the Holy pyre area, had Pradakshina and lost its breath at the back side of pyre itself. The village headman had constructed ‘Sri Peddamma temple’ at the place where the tiger lost its breathe. Sri Tirupatamma was deified in the year 1695 A.D after her Yogagni Pravesam.

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