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  • Do chant “Om Sri Tirupatammaye Namaha”.
  • Do observe absolute silence inside the temple 
  • Do respect and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.
  • Do contact any of the Devasthanam’s Enquiry Offices for information regarding the temple and your Worship there.
  • Do Pradakshinam (keeping the shrine to your right) with devotion before entering the temple.
  • Do follow the procedures of the temple and wait for your turn for the Darsanam of the Diety.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.


  • Don't eat non-vegetarian food.Don't consume liquor or other intoxicants.
  • Don't wear footwear, or move around in a vehicle, in and around the premises of the temple.
  • Don't approach touts for quick Darsanam and Accommodation.Don't rush in for Darsanam, but move along in the queue.
  • Don't prostrate (Sashtanga Danda Pranamam) inside the temple.
  • Don't buy spurious Prasadam from street vendors.
  • Don't throw away the Prasadam and Teertham given to you at the temple.
  • Don't wear flowers and garlands in Gardens; all flowers are for the Lord only.
  • Don't spit or be a nuisance inside the temple premises.
  • Don't enter the shrine naked or wearing only a loin-cloth.
  • Don't wear any head guards like helmets, caps, turbans and hats inside the temple premises.
  • Don't carry any weapon inside the temple.
  • Don't eat food brought from outside or chew betel leaves in the temple premises.
  • Don't evacuate urine or motion or spit in the premises of the temple.
  • Don't pay obeisance with only one hand.
  • Don't sit with your back facing the Deity.
  • Don't talk about your wealth, money and status.
  • Don't quarrel in the temple premises.
  • Don't commit any act of violence or harshness in the temple premises.
  • Don't sleep in the temple premises



 S.No Name of the Trustee Designation Mobile Number
1 Sri Attuluri Achyuta Rao Chairman 9440085163
2 Sri Eluri Nagarjuna Rao
Trustee 9959944373
3 Sri Ginjupalli Vasantha Rao
Trustee  9908054519
4 Sri Rayapudi Anil Kumar
Trustee 9440361848
5 Sri Challa Gopala Rao
Trustee  8500154957
6 Sri Yadla Naga Raju
Trustee  9030670474
7 Sri Badisa Kutumba Rao Trustee  9989398900
8 Smt Nallapuneni Jyothi
Trustee  9030612769
9 Sri Ginjupalli Gopi Chand
Trustee 9440092135
10 Smt Mundlapati Akkaamma
Trustee 8990255733
11 Smt Bolla Mery
Trustee 9948054295
12 Sri Marriboyana Gopala Rao
Ex-Officio Member 9948616241






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