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"Dwaraka Tirumala” is an ancient holy place and a popular pilgrim centre in South India of Andhra Pradesh. Dwaraka Tirumala is situated 42 KM from 'Eluru', the headquarters of West Godavari District. On Vijayawada- Rajahmundry State Highway and 15KM distance from Bhimadole Junction, which is on Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam main Railway line.

As the people in this region visit it periodically for offering worship to the Principal Deity - Sri Venkateswara, and as almost rituals and traditions identical to the World–renowned Sri Venkateswara shrine of Tirumala are followed. Hence, it is called Chinna Tirupati. There are two temples here: one for Venkateswara and another Mallikarjuna on the hillock, looking like a serpent in form, and justifies to belief that Anantha, the divine serpent is pleased to take this serpent form to bear on him both Siva and Vishnu. Siva on the hood and Venkateswara on the tail, demonstrating to the world a harmonious blend of "Saivism and Vaishnavism", that oneness ensuring bless in this world.

This pilgrimage centre is called “Dwaraka Tirumala" after the great saint, "Dwaraka" who located the self-manifested idol of Lord "Sri Venkateswara", after severe penance in a ‘Valmikam’ (Ant hill). The devotees call Sri Venkateswara as Kaliyuga Vaikuntha Vasa. This place is also called “Chinna Tirupati”.

As per Shastra, North Indian rivers like Ganges and Yamuna are considered to be more and more holy as they go up to the origin and south Indian rivers like Krishna and Godavari too are holy, as they go down the river to its mouth into the Sea. That's why there are numerous shrines and holy bathing Ghats, at close intervals, on both sides of the great grand rivers Krishna and Godavari in their lower regions. The region covered by our Dwaraka Tirumala is commanding the top most conspicuous position in India, being garlanded by these two great Indian rivers Krishna and Godavari, as pointed out by Brahma Purana.

The devotees who wish to go and offer their donations, or tonsures or any other offerings to Lord Venkateswara, Tirumala-called as “Pedda Tirupati”, Due to some reasons, if they are unable to go there, they prefer to offer their donations, prayers and worship in Dwaraka Tirumala temple, which is famously called "Chinna Tirupati".

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