Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy

The temple of God Mallikarjuna is situated in the centre of inner courtyard and faces to the east. This temple consists of Mukh1amandapa, Antarala and Garbhagriha. The Mukhamandapa is situated to the west of the Veerasiromandapa. It is an elaborated closed hall consisting of 16 pillars. This mandapa is also named as Mahamandapa.

The antharala is simple and plain structure. At the centre of the structure is located the self-emanated Jothirlinga on a Panavattam. This Panavattam appears to be a latter addition around the Sivalinga which is about 25 cms. in height. The interior portion of the Sikhara of the Sanctum Sanctorum is plain without any artistic decorations.

Sri Bhramaramba Ammavaru

The temple of Bhramaramba is faces to the east and located in the back court yard of the main complex at an elevated level and is very near to the western Gopuram of main prakaram.
At the interior centre of the Mukhamandapa facing the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum, the stone Srichakra is is installed to which daily worship is being offered. A story preserved in the folklore narrates that, Adisankara, saw the violent form of Bhramaramba ?Devi and to reduce her violent power, installed Srichakra in front of the Garbhagriha. There is also a Padmasila at the east of the Srichakra.
The image of Brahmaramba in the sanctum sanctorum is in the form of Mahishasura Mardini in a standing posture, with eight hands. She is keeping the demon Mahisha with her left leg and holding his face with the left hand and piercing it with the trisula of right hand. In her hands, she is shown holding a dagger, mace, sword, a bow, a shield and Parigha.. On the right shoulder of the deity an arrow holder is also depicted.

Sri Vruddha Mallikarjuna Swamy

Vriddha Mallikarjuna Temple is one of the sub-temple in the srisailam temple permises.
Srisailam is the Shrine of Vriddha Mallikarjuna and some Scholars opined that the Vriddha Mallikarjuna Linga is probably a fossil of Arjuna Vriksham. It seems that, this is the oldest structure in the entire complex of Srisailam and is of 70 to 80 thousand years old approximately.

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