Adopted Temples


Siddavatam Fort is a 684 years old River side fortress built by the Metla Rajulu of Taluva Dynasty.This area is famously known as Sidhout.It is located in Sidhout Village,Rajampet Town,Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh.Siddavatam Fort is built in the Hindu architectural pattern.It is a large artillery fortification built over a 13 hectors of land area.This is a unique fort near the River banks of Pennar.This river has a natural Georges and canyons which are beautifully act as a great natural trench for this land built fortress.It has got two major entrances facing in the opposite direction of each other.This gateway has a very welcoming arch of Gajalakshmi motifs,which is a symbol of prosperity in the Hindu culture.Another important feature of its gate way is the rear adjunct gate known as the Dakshina Kashi.This gateway is used when the main gateway is closed.This is very uniquely carved with the goddess seated in a lotus with two elephants throwing flowers on this goddess.The large and thick fortification ramparts are built with square type bastions which are found in seventeen numbers.This fort is known for its temple built here.These are named as the Bala Brahma Temple,Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Durga Temple and Siddheswara Temple.These are the best stone carved temples found here.Many of its pillars are made of single stone.The roofs of these temples are covered with stone slabs.its god and goddess sculptures are made of single stone.

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