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Kandaleru Water fall

The water fall coming from the hill where the Lord lies, flows down in the northward direction. In ancient days a devotee, Maharishi (Saint) by name ‘Kanva’ dwelling was on the banks of this river and used this for his basic needs. So, this lake is named after him as ‘Kanvayeru’.

As ages passed, the name was changed to ‘Kandaleru’. A dam was constructed downstream of this lake in 1995. Its name is known by its river as Kandaleru Dam. The dam supplies irrigation water to many surrounding villages and provides livelihood to many natives.

Somasila Dam

There is Somasila Anicut on Pennar River between Velikonda Hills. There is famous Sivalayam here. Someswara Temple and Dam, Somasila located around 80kms from Nellore town.

The temple is very famous and ancient one built during the times of Sri Krishna Devaraya (around 400 yrs old).Somasila Dam is the biggest in Nellore Dist built across river Penna providing Water for agriculture and driniking purposes to the District. This place is one of the best picnic spots in Nellore Dist with a beautiful reservoir, hydraulic power generators and an ancient temple.

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