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Sri Bhramaramba Malleswara Swamy Devasthanam is at Pedakakani Village at a distance of about 10 Kms. from Guntur town is an ancient and having pouranic importance. It is said that the Goddess Bhramaramba Devi is one of the Astadasa Sakthi and the presiding Deity.

Sri Malleswara Swamy is one of the Jyothirlingam of Srisaila Kshetram. Hence the worship to this deity is equal to the worship of Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy of Srisaila Kshetram.

Sri Bharadwaja Maharshi, one of the familiar in Maharshi ganam once upon a time visited all Theerthams and by that time that happened to visit this temple and worshipped the deity and who also desired to perform Yagna Krathuvu. By inviting all Maharshies and celebrated Yagnam and at the time of distribution of Havisses, one crow started to have these havisses.

Bharadwaja Maharshi very much disappointed for that and tried to stop having of Havisses intended to Yagna Purushas by that crow. There upon the crow said that she was "Kakasura" and by doing Thappassu and by satisfying brahma she got "varmu" that she can have the Havirbhagalu intended to the Devathas. She further advised to provide Abhishekam to her with Panchamrutham etc.

So that, the said crow got white colour and worshipped the Deity with Jasmins and from that occasion the name of the Swamy varu has become “Sri Malleswara Swamy Varu" and the Kshetram is named as "kakani. It is said that the crow used to worshipped the Deity by that time of returning from Manasa Sarovaram.

Sri Bharadwaja Maharshi has arranged a well on the eastern side of the temple and Maharshi Pungavas have brought various Theerthams and kept in this well and that the well water has become "Holy" and having antibiotic qualities.

In the year 1440 AD Sri Krishna Devaraya of Vijaya Nagara Emperor visited this temple and at the advice of the Ministers “Renturi Chittarusu" renovated the temple by giving financial co-operation.

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